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6 Tips For Anti-Mold Of Bamboo Skewers
Release Date:[2021/10/29 10:40:24]   Total read [368] Times

Bamboo skewers are very convenient barbecue utensils, but if the bamboo skewers are moldy , it will cause some harm to human health. Therefore, we can use the following precautions to prevent the bamboo skewers from becoming moldy.

1. Try to store the bamboo skewers in a dry place and keep them well ventilated. Do not use a tube for the container, or it can be breathable without stagnant water. It is best to use a basket like a basket. And to clean the lottery and lottery box regularly.

2. The bamboo skewers must be washed and dried after use, and kept separate from the unused skewers to keep the skewers clean and tidy. When washing the bamboo skewers, soak them in hot water and then wash them. After washing, they can be exposed to the sun for a while, which can effectively disinfect and dry.

3. If the bamboo skewers have become moldy, it is recommended to heat the skewers in a container with water, add vinegar and cook for more than 5 minutes, which can effectively remove the mildew on the skewers.

4. You can use the wood mold powder and water to mix the mold liquid at a low ratio, and then prepare a small pool, mix the wood mold powder with water and stir it, and then put the bamboo skewers into the pool to soak and remove it. Let it air dry, as long as the bamboo skewers treated in this way are not placed in a particularly humid environment, they can be guaranteed to be mold-free for more than two to three years.

5. Use a spray tool to evenly spray the wood anti-mold agent on the bamboo skewers, and wait until the bamboo skewers absorb a certain amount of liquid to effectively prevent mildew.

6.And we should pay attention that if the barbecue bamboo skewers are used repeatedly, it will also cause the bamboo skewers to produce mold, which will endanger human health. Barbecue skewers that are used repeatedly may become a "hotbed" for germs. There will also be many hidden health hazards. Even after high temperature treatment, bacteria are very likely to remain. 

Bamboo skewers are essentially different from disposable wooden skewers in terms of processing procedures due to their high water content and perishable characteristics. 

In order to ensure the freshness and beautiful appearance of bamboo skewers, many manufacturers often use some food additives in their processing, such as food-grade sulfur and food-grade sodium metabisulfite. Excessive use of these additives will cause the microbial indicators and residual indicators of the bamboo skewers to be too high, which will bring harm to the health of consumers. We also need to pay attention to this when buying.

If the bamboo skewers are really moldy, we'd better replace them to prevent molds from living and multiplying on the food. If you still have some doubts about the mold prevention of bamboo skewers after reading the above content, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

As a professional manufacturer of bamboo tableware, we have accumulated rich manufacturing experience in this field. We have a professional production team and strict quality inspection system, which can carry out all-round quality control of our products. At the same time, we will also provide corresponding customized services and effective solutions according to the diverse needs of customers. If you want to buy our high-quality bamboo skewers, please contact us immediately!

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