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As a leading ODM/OEM innovative bamboo tableware supplier. We specializing in customization & brand engraving. We strive to develop disposable & creative foodservice products.Bamboo is 100% compostable and biodegradable material. It is the perfect substitutes for plastic,steel & glass etc.We have over 15 years experience in manufacturing. We always offer high quality products with lower price.Feel free to contact us via email to get free sample & quotation.

Although we are in bamboo and wood products industry, but our brand positioning and business philosophy is not attached to the bamboo and wood products industry. We are committed to bring a natural, healthy and ecological eating habit to our customers, thus we position ourself as an advocator for providing natural food serving tool, dining tool and food presentation tool. Through our innovative product design and natural product material to offering traditional catering enterprises a more attractive food demostrations or eco-friendly food packaging solutions.